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i do have a slightly more specific and adult blog on wordpress but i am intetested in trying out an online journal like i had with LiveJournal before they went crazy. anywho... today is my day off and i spent most of it relaxing. i had a lovely bit of roleplay with my foster Momma after being granted the right to pleasure myself from Sir. She is a lovely Domme and had me cummimg in minutes. afterwards, i smoked the last of my weed and cuddled her and my two littles online as i regressed into little space.

after a hefty nap snuggled in with my stuffie sebastian and my paci i woke to a call from my mil who wanted to confirm getting dinner from bogey's pizza which is like my favorite pizza place. we get wings and this delicious garlic alfredo pizza with chicken and bacon on top. yummo.

not much else going on. still recovering from my trip to reno. wow. that was such a great trip. i miss nicole so much and of course our furson, justin. awh. just seeing snow covered mountains from my bedroom was such a delight. i wonder sometimes how much of my depression crops up becauase ive become so detached from nature.

maybe its the pagan in me but nature recharges my spirit so much. the high altitude, the spurious winds,the pastel blue skies marked with contrails and whimsical clouds. good vibes in reno. nevada is a pretty rad state.

not to mention reconnecting with my wife. that was special. naturally i had to make it as awkward as possible but she has years of practice handling my faceplants with grace and a chuckle. in the end we had several deep talks that addressed our past and our future as a couple.

transition is a funny thing. you dont just change your physical self... you also change your place in the world and in peoples hearts. getting to start again with your soulmate in a new way is a fantastic gift and i am grateful. im grateful to everyone who loves and supports my wacky annoying butt.

well im not so great at ending entries. i will write more about my reno adventure soon.

mmm. pizza.


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